Gone Fishing- where to fine the best information and baits to use.

Gone Fishing, this is about going fishing with yourself or with you family,or sometime it’s going with you friends for the weekend fishing relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. There many ways to relaxes but being on the water or just sitting by the water, making a camp fire talking to people beside you that relaxes you. Talking about the new baits you just got at the bait store and showing you friend you new rod and reel and telling them about what you should have gotten but didn’t , Why? who knows . Anyway


when you go fishing you want to make sure that you have all that you going to use for fishing. like hooks, line in the reels and also weeks before going fishing or month make sure you have you reels cleaned and grease up ,just making sure nothing is broke and they usable,if need to repairded then then not when it’s time to go.Clean you tackles box from the last time you when out and didn’t clean it then.Make sure you line is good and not twisted braided, if so replaces it while you got time . Hooks If they got wet last thru time they will get rusted replaces them.

Topic/Idea 2                                                                                                Gone Fishing.

Your fishing rods, check for cracks, checks the eyes on the rod, the treads widing make sure they are not loss if so repair them by glue them tight . Loss corks handles well this if you are like me you glue or replaces the rod with new one.

Topic/Idea 3

Every year that the guys came to my home town they would stop at Cabelas and Best Pro Shop just to see f they needed any new lure for the tackles box which was full already, But It didn’t matter because they were on the way to my Alaska home grounds which is in Michigan. Like I said my wife was happy because I was home and took the kids with me sometime in the boat till they got bored, but still walking distance to the house from the river shore. This was the past 30 yrs. Or so. We saw many rangers go thru the park office, had real good one and one’s no so good but we kept going and they kept coming. Gone Fishing has been their for us as long as I can remember .


hope this will help inspired you to get you outdoors and take your family or just you and your friends in the spending time and relaxing in GOD great out doors. Hear the sound of the river and the birds that fly by geese ducts. For he created some of the most beautiful land scape around us to enjoy and protect them. Rivers and lakes , streams  There many places to go and joy in the

 Good Luck on the water , My GOD keep al of you safe . Keep the line wet.

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